firewalls aws bro exim bind haproxy linux-syslog squid mcollective-patterns bacula postgresql java maven grok-patterns httpd redis nagios rails mongodb ruby mcollective junos You can also provide a library of some additional grok patterns in the same format as the pattern files linked above. The classes are. alurkar writes to tell us that PostgreSQL released version 8. Examine attributes. Fixed bug #51800 (proc_open on Windows hangs forever). Documenting security issues in FreeBSD and the FreeBSD Ports Collection. While @[email protected] is a nice library for storing and retrieving records, currently it has a poor interface for SQL backends compared to SQL itself. [SPARK-17650] malformed url's throw exceptions before bricking Executors [SPARK-10835][ML] Word2Vec should accept non-null string array, in addition to existing null string array [SPARK-15703][SCHEDULER][CORE][WEBUI] Make ListenerBus event queue size configurable (branch 2.